Expect to be healthy and happy!

by mikea44646 on September 17, 2011

Meditation for the Day

“… There seems to be a right way to live and a wrong way. You can make a practical test. When you live the right way, things seem to work out well for you. When you live the wrong way, things seem to work out badly for you. You seem to take out of life about what you put into it. If you disobey the laws of nature, the chances are that you will be unhealthy. If you disobey the spiritual and moral laws, the chances are that you will be unhappy. By following the laws of nature and the spiritual laws of honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love, you can expect to be reasonably healthy and happy.”

[Saturday, September 17, 2011 – From Twenty-Four Hours a Day © 1975 by Hazelden Foundation.]


Tapping the Power of Life

by mikea44646 on September 9, 2011

Last night my family was watching Van Helsing on Netflix. The movie involves good and evil; Count Dracula and Dr. Frankenstein versus Van Helsing, a dedicated woman and her family and all that is hopeful and good in the world. I need to say that I am not particularly a vampire monster movie fan. However, this was a very mild and not dark like so many other movies involving vampires and monsters.

What was particularly interesting to me was that in the basic plot, one of the messages of the story is that only from life can you get life. Dracula was trying to bring his progeny into the world and was unable to do it because he and all around him is or was dead. He discovers that Dr. Frankenstein has developed a way to restore life and Dracula tries to incorporate that technology into his agenda of bring his “dead” children to life. However, his children were never alive.  The idea above did not specifically strike below the surface of my consciousness until I read this morning a similar concept which I found enjoyably coincidental. In the 24-hour a day book, published by Hazelton, part of the medication for the day included the idea:

Do you want to make the best of life? Then live as near as possible to God, the Master and Giver of all life.

The parallel is that there was part of the Frankenstein monster that was the source of his life and that was depicted as his “heart” in a technological sense. It was that part of the Frankenstein monster that Dr. Frankenstein had given him which led to the success of reanimating the monster. In addition the Frankenstein monsters is depicted as loving, compassionate, “full of life” like a child who came from the love of his creator. It was this element represented by the electrical/device “heart” that Dracula lacked and which was essential if his children were ever to live. Dracula at one point boldly professes that he has no love, no heart, no compassion and no feelings.

Of course, I may be reading into the movie what I want, but for today, I will take that thought into my day do my best to align my actions and thoughts with “life” in all of its varied forms.


BSA – Troop 74 – Hancock NY – The world of Facebook

August 21, 2011

Troop 74 has just published a community page on Facebook for its members and friends. Please “Like” our page if you would like to stay connected. http://www.facebook.com/pages/BSA-Troop-74-Hancock-NY/252238738137854#!/pages/BSA-Troop-74-Hancock-NY/252238738137854

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“Tell the Truth, Say you prayers, and Help other people”

June 2, 2011

Yesterday I was asked for “Good Advice” on the spot with no context.  My Reply was “Tell the Truth, Say you prayers, and Help other people”  – that was something that I got from my mother when I was a teenager and it  helps me greatly. At The Family Foundation School, many of the adults […]

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If Today is the BIG DAY then….

May 21, 2011

I know what I will do….to do the work of sharing (From Twenty-Four Hours a Day published by Hazelden) May 21st Meditation for the Day Character is developed by the daily discipline of duties done. Be obedient to the heavenly vision and take the straight way. Do not fall into the error of calling “Lord, […]

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God in the Dock

May 16, 2011

I am listening to the book – “C.S. Lewis,  God in the Dock”(Eerdmans: 1970). The excerpt below caught my attention and I wanted to share it as a way to learn and understand it better. The idea: We sometimes cannot see something for what it is, because we are too close or it is to big to […]

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Many Gifts, One Spirit.

May 15, 2011

MANY GIFTS, ONE SPIRIT Music and lyrics by Allen Pote – (School Song of The Family Foundation School) Many gifts, one spirit, many songs, one voice Many reasons, one promise, many questions, one choice. O, God, we pray for unity, give guidance from above. In our differences unite us in the circle of your love. O, […]

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The Touch of the Masters Hand (Old Violin poem)

May 7, 2011

Twas battered and scarred, and the auctioneer thought  it scarcely worth his while to waste much time on the old violin, but held it up with a smile; “What am I bidden, good folks,” he cried, “Who’ll start the bidding for me?” “A dollar, a dollar”; then two!” “Only two? Two dollars, and who’ll make […]

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“Closing the Gap between Operating Costs and Revenue”

April 28, 2011

“Closing the Gap between Operating Costs and Revenue” by Gerald J Archibald  (Central New York Business Journal – April 1, 2011)  Highlight: In this article Mr. Archibald identifies 10 areas that nonprofits or any business should concentrate on in order to “close the gap” between limited revenues and inflationary operating costs. The areas could be […]

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Dragon Dictation Software

November 21, 2010

This will be the first blog post using Dragon dictation software version 11 from Nuance. The accuracy right out of the box is clearly a significant improvement over previous versions. I noticed during the installation that there was an advertisement for Dragon software for BlackBerry allowing me to talk to the phone and have it […]

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