Fire in Hancock – Setback or Opportunity?

by mikea44646 on July 15, 2009


Fire takes "Sweet River Studios" building
Fire takes “Sweet River Studios” building

There was a fire in Hancock NY yesterday in the building housing some apartments and the “Sweet Rivers Studio” clothing store. I believe that everyone got out safe and that the rescue workers / fireman where able to contain and extinguish the blaze also with out lose of life. Thank you to all.


When I drive by this site, I often remember that this was ones the Star Restaurant which operated out there in the early and mid 1980’s. Members of the Dufton family who operated the Star now operate the Circle-E Diner on East Front Street.  Today I am wondering if and when the damaged, burned out building will be replaced and with what?


The Hancock community has been working hard to improve and adapt in the wake of the decades long transition from an industrial based economy to that of service & Tourism. On the negative – this fire has created another eyesore location right in the middle of town. However, in adversity we can be find opportunity. Perhaps this is an opportunity to further the improvements sought by community leaders?


There is a Community and Economic Development Plan in place now that focuses on the need to improve the center of town. We already know there will be a new Medical Center on the one corner facing the center area of the village. Across the street from the building that burned there is hoped to be a “Town Square” green space in place of the “Great American” supermarket building and parking lot.  This is currently the space that is used to host community events and performances such as the Spring and Fall Festivals sponsored by the Hancock Partners.





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A. L. Harden September 24, 2009 at 12:24 am

Are you from Hancock, NY? I was born in Hancock, NY in 1956. My father was the Principal of Hancock Schools for many years up until 1964. His name was Edward S. Onody.

I am writing a novel based on my growing up in Hancock, NY. Our house was at 1 Risley Street…a beautiful old VIctorian that I have heard had an addition built on to it. I have many great memories of Hancock…but I am unable to get up to NY at this present time. I am having trouble finding history and pictures of the area. I was wondering if you could help me. Please contact me at the e-mail here.

I didn’t see a private e-mail for you, so this is why I am using the comment section. Forgive me!

A. L. Harden


JERRY DABRESCIA September 24, 2009 at 3:53 am

Pardon my interference, but I think I can help you. My name is Jerry DaBrescia (you lived across from my Uncle Art). I have a lot of Hancock history, pictures, etc. I remember your Dad and brother Larry very well; good luck with the book. You lived in Hancock at a good time to live in Hancock; I’ll be interested to see if you enjoyed it


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