An affirmation – “Life on Life’s terms”

by mikea44646 on February 12, 2010

I was talking with an acquaintance tonight following a Cub scout meeting.  It was just casual conversation during which I used the expressing  “Life on Life’s terms”.  He quickly expressed  “Life on Life’s terms?  Making me think that he didn’t recognize the FFS Jargon.  But he went right on with “Boy, Life can sure be hard and more then I want to deal with at times!”  So I asked “What do you do then?


He said – “ I do what is in front of me, focus on what makes the most sense, try and do a good deed or two for others which helps my outlook, I don’t  say anything mean and it all works out – not the way I might have planned it – but it all works out.”


This guy has nothing to do with The Family Foundation School, to my knowledge, he has nothing to do with a 12-step self help program, yet his response embodies the practical ideas and copping skills we teach our students as part of the Character Education program. An affirmation that the principles we teach using the 12 steps are fundamental and applicable in all of our affairs.   

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