Synchronicity: Facebook, Third Day, and Carl Jung

by mikea44646 on May 22, 2009

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.” (Dalai Lama)

I was looking up the spelling and meaning of “Synchronicity” because I wanted to Tweet about experiancing it. As I googled – the moment became more pronounced.


Synchronicity is an expression for “Meaningful Coincidence”.  I value these moments seeing them as “road signs” in life. So the quote I stumbled on above was the first thing I saw and felt the connection even more.


So here it is: First – “Synchronicity” Last night, my son, now entering second year of college calls out to me “who’s Ronald?” “Some guy – Ronald is asking me on Facebook how you are doing and to tell you Hi”


“Wow” I thought –  “Ron & Facebook”?


The Connection? I am facing the need to make some tough medical decisions and in looking for a lift I was playing some music really loud while working around the house. My I-tunes Genius started playing a series of songs from a group – Third Day.


Ronald introduced Third Day to me more then 10 years ago as a Christian Band, in line with the edgy music styles of the time and suggested they might appeal to my preteen children. My children never did connect with the music but I did and have added all of their albums to my collection. As I listened, I thought that I should sometime let Ronald know the positive impact his suggestion has had on my life and to thank him.  So where does Facebook come in?


Two more road signs to go – all at one intersection in life – I have been slowly moving toward (maybe even resisting) “Facebook” as a place “to be” in the world of social media to connect with Friends, Family and Alumni of the Therapeutic Boarding SchoolI work at. So the two thoughts together – Ron and Facebook look like a signal to take the next step into Facebook.


But wait! The last small element of meaningful coincidence is the connection between Social Media, Facebook and Carl Jung.  This post is about “Synchronicity”.  As I said – I was looking for the spelling came across the quote above and also this fact: Synchronicity is an expression that was coined by Carl Jung.   My friend, colleague, and (important here) my Social Media mentor, Richard Reeve, is also working toward becoming a Jungian Psychologist to aid in the work we do at the boarding school.


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