Screen Time Trigger Kids’ Psychological Ills

November 14, 2010

The Title and text is taken directly from Time Magazine (October 25th 2010, page 29) “Numerous Studies have linked the sedentary hours spent in front of a computer or television set with obesity in children. NOW research is connecting screen time with mental health problems too. … Those who spent more then two hours a […]

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Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy — Summary

November 8, 2010

Brian Tracy is a personal development writer consultant and speaker. “Eat That Frog” is his idea or system to organize and prioritize. I found it interesting and while the concepts were familiar from other time management and organization focused books I have read or listened to, I enjoyed this and found it fairly fast paced. (Audible download […]

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An affirmation – “Life on Life’s terms”

February 12, 2010

I was talking with an acquaintance tonight following a Cub scout meeting.  It was just casual conversation during which I used the expressing  “Life on Life’s terms”.  He quickly expressed  “Life on Life’s terms?  Making me think that he didn’t recognize the FFS Jargon.  But he went right on with “Boy, Life can sure be […]

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Be open and you will hear what you need to hear.

February 1, 2010

As a Christmas gift in 2008, my family received the gift of a napkin holder with a stack of cards (business card size) each with a quote or saying appropriate to be a blessing over the meal. This has been a great gift.  It changed the mechanical passive nature of saying the blessing to an […]

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Old School & New School – Friends for Life

January 25, 2010

This weekend was full of many fond memories of friendship and love.  A friend, more like a brother, (A.D.) came to  visit my family and students at The Family Foundation School.  Even more special is the fact that when his 24 year old daughter(M.D.), now married and living in Washington state, heard that her father was going to take the road trip from […]

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Building Character, Changing Lives

January 15, 2010

That is in part what Scouting is about. Tonight at the WEBELOS Den meeting of Pack 75 of Hancock NY I worked with a few boys in learning and understanding the Boy Scout Promise, the Boy Scout Law, the Boy Scout Motto, and the Boy Scout Slogan. In teaching these I am reminded that “Character” is […]

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The Character Ethic – and a Father’s struggle

January 3, 2010

I asked myself this morning “where should I focus my energies”. The question comes from the quote below. I know that if I start my day with direction — direction based on principles — that at the end of the day I have a much greater chance of feeling satisfied, happy, productive etc.  That doesn’t mean that the […]

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Anxiety? Fear? – A tool to survive!

January 2, 2010

A student at FFS, a boarding schools for troubled teens, asked me if I had read the 12 step based reading today from the book “Twenty-four Hours a Day”published by Hazelden. I had not.  The young man (16yrs old) had been upset – anxious about some of the damage his behavior had caused in his relationship with […]

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Happy New Year – (Sanskrit Proverb)

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Look to this day, The very life of life, In its brief course lies all The realities and varieties of existence, The bliss of growth, The splendor of action, The glory of power — For yesterday is but a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived, Makes every […]

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Hancock Community Cantata

December 20, 2009

The Hancock Community Choir presented “I Hear the Prophet Calling” (words and music by Pepper Choplin). The performance took place at the beautiful and spacious Emory United Methodist Church. It was a wonderful display of Community and fellowship.  Brenda Rood directed the more then 30 member choir.  Tom Wood “Woody” sang the signature solo with […]

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